Since its establishment in 1972, Don Business Corporation has been enjoying its role as a well experienced and successful distributor for sophisticated electronics components in Taiwan.

As business grew rapidly, the company needed to expand its service by any means, in order to meet the increasing demands from different customers. Singapore branch office had established in 1987. Hence, Tainan office was soon introduced in 1997, with a more extensive covering of the sales territory of south Taiwan, providing better services at all levels. in 2001, the company has moved to its current property address where is 100% private owned by don business corp. for consideration of future business developments.

In compliance with integration of globalization, it became an essential task to have a close connection with China market. Nevertheless, China office located in Shanghai had established in 2003 to serve the importance and potential boosting in China market.

Don Business Corporation are working within carefully considered structure in order to meet the needs of both customer and the manufacturer.

As a new age of technology dawns, the world wide electronics industry is experiencing an uninterrupted explosion of growth, making possible what had previously been considered impossible in various fields. This has brought prosperity, greater than any ever previously experienced, to people everywhere, regardless of national borders of varying languages and customers.

Don Business Corporation shares the wish with the electronics industry to contribute continually to the creation of a better society by offering the highest quality products from the frontiers of cutting age electronics technology. We look forward to doing business with those who are seeking mutual benefits through close, long-term business and personal relationships in Greater China Area ( Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore).